North Sydney’s First Rate Mobile Mechanic


Cars can break down anywhere, and it is not fun having to deal with all the hassle of being stranded somewhere. This is where we can in; Pulse Mechanics have years of experience in going around town to fix peoples cars. If you live near Sydney Harbour or anywhere directly north of the city, our qualified team members will come to you.


The advantages of using a mobile mechanic


As the name suggests, our mobile mechanic service is available to travel anywhere in the city, and North Sydney is no exception. We have travelled north of the city countless times to help out a customer whose car was simply not working for them.


It doesn’t have to be an urgent problem either; while we do of course perform roadside assistance, we can also offer to fix your car at home. Unlike when your car stalls in a busy street, having it not working and parked at home actually is convenient for you. We will come directly to your door and perform our on the spot repairs immediately and get your car in perfect condition once again.


Being a mobile service, we naturally travel all over town to assist people when they need it. Other northern suburbs we operate in are Parramatta and Blacktown. If you live further south, then we are also available to service your car in the Bankstown, Hurstville and Campbelltown areas.


Types of repairs we can perform:


  • Air conditioning

  • Overheating

  • Water leaks

  • Oil leaks

  • And other mechanical issues


There is no need for you to find a workshop that will ask you to come in when it is convenient for them; Pulse Mechanics will come to you! If call us at (02) 8731 5010, we will be able to travel to North Sydney that much sooner to help you.