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Our Mobile Mechanic Will Drive To Parramatta For You


It does not matter where you are travelling or how urgent your plans are, the faulty parts in your car won’t care and will stall on you. This can happen at any given time, and it is extremely frustrating. If this happens to you and you need roadside assistance straight away, then Pulse Mechanics is right for you. We provide a mobile service that not only comes to Parramatta, but also does a very thorough job when taking care of your beloved car.


Travelling to Parramatta is no problem


Being a mobile mechanic, we are used to travelling around different parts of Sydney for our work. We fix cars for a living, so naturally we love driving all over town so we can do this. Our passion is very handy for you, so you do not have to come to us.


We have done a lot of mechanical work in the Parramatta area over the years, and our services are renowned there. This is because we always perform a first rate and friendly service that will resolve any mechanical issues your car is facing. Before you know it, your car’s problems will be a thing of the past and you can get on with your day.


We can also head west of Parramatta near Blacktown or had to the east to North Sydney. It doesn’t matter, because we love what we do. We are also available to perform our mobile mechanic service in other parts of Sydney, including Bankstown, Hurstville and Campbelltown. …


Mechanical issues we can solve:


  • Overheating

  • Faulty fan belts

  • Flat batteries

  • Leakages

  • Air conditioning

  • And much more!


If you are experiencing car trouble and are unsure what to do, then call Pulse Mechanics today at (02) 8731 5010. We come directly to your door and perform our onsite repairs quickly while still being thorough.

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