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7 Pitfalls that will steal your time and empty your wallet

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Trusting the workmanship of a dealership

People often miss the opportunity of getting to know who works on their car. Contact is with a representative, not the actual mechanic, likely a sales team. An apprentice commonly carries out the work performed. Their capability to perform may be fine but it doesn't match up with the supposed quality of workmanship people buy into using a dealership. It's impersonal and completely behind the scenes.

Fixed price service schedules

An upfront competitive price feels reassuring. Truth is, once the vehicle is in service up-sale of unnecessary items quickly add up. The true sting comes with the cost of repairs, which are on top of your promised cap priced interval services. These repairs are not competitively priced especially with higher-end make vehicles.

Voiding new car warranty

Dealership service centers lead people to believe, a vehicle's warranty will be void if serviced elsewhere is a total misconception. Department of Fair trading states 'as long as the service is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, any licensed repairer can do it, not just the dealer from who you purchased the vehicle.

The dealership wait

It's a hassle and time consuming, people often left to wait hours or all day. Scheduled service times are not appointments they are drop off times, there is no certainty as to when your service will be started or completed, there is a list to work through and if extra repairs are needed your service could easily be pushed back and take all day. Courtesy vehicles are not always available and still pose an inconvenience especially if the car is required during work hours. Those with The dealership wait will cost you time and $$$

Extended warranty

As the law protects you from voiding their new car warranty dealerships have devised a new marketing strategy in the hope to retain return customers. Offering extended warranty if in house servicing continues. Three points to consider here

The reality of utilising your warranty throughout your ownership may never arise. The built trust is palmed off with many case studies seeing clauses protect the dealership under fair wear and tear. The inflated cost of repairs and services remaining the ultimate sting.

Failing to research your next purchase

The purchase price, resale value, cost of repairs, common known problems are all important factors that need to be considered but often overlooked. When purchasing a new or used vehicle all these factors matter as well as features such as fuel consumption, towing capacity and the list goes on. With such a vast amount of vehicles on the market, considering a business's primary needs together with expert knowledge will determine the most appropriate makes and models. Sound advice can definitely save you here.

Purchasing a second-hand car before having it mechanically inspected

This can be a very costly mistake. With unforeseen repairs, it may be a very expensive road ahead as well as an inflated purchase price. Knowing exactly what is wrong with a vehicle such as two worn tyres may not deem a car an unfavourable purchase but will give a person bargaining power when negotiating.

These 7 pitfalls are all too commonly experienced, yet avoidable. Our unique method at Pulse Mobile Mechanics enables our customers to save where it matters and get on with their day. Get in touch today to find out how.

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