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Dealership Fixed Price Servicing - What It Means for Business

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Car manufacturers have moved from generating the majority of their profits from new car sales over to increased profits in the after service of a purchase; Australians have become familiar with their many promises.

Fixed Price Servicing

Capped Price Servicing

Extended Warranty

Some great marketing, I must say, but as the saying goes, 'If it's too good to be true, it probably is'.

So, where is the sting?

Well, there's many such as the small upsells they call you for whilst the car is in their possession, the routine repairs that are not competitively priced and the many clauses protecting them from warranty claims. The ultimate catch, time! The cost to have a vehicle off the road during work hours for half the day will cost more than any assumed saving.


Cassey, an NDIS provider, offers support for disabled children. She drives groups of up to five to various support services and activities. Each time her service was due, she was faced with the logistics of timing and location. She found it extremely difficult to co-ordinate. Loan cars were out of the question as the vehicles are modified to meet the special needs of her clients.

Cassey couldn't believe the ease of our mobile service. Initially contacted us due to a flat battery and since has maintained her entire fleet of six vehicles. All logbook services are now performed on-site whilst her team are on shift across Sydney. Cassey claims, "It outweighs any supposed saving, and there is no interruption to our workflow; payment and bookings are also super easy."

Brendon, a builder, values his time immensely and requires his work ute available at all times to access tools. The time taken out for a service would cost more than the price difference. Brendon feels confident knowing what repairs are carried out as there is no behind the scenes. His new car warranty is also maintained as all mobile mechanics are fully licensed, carrying out all specifications as per the manufacturer's requirements.

At Pulse Mobile Mechanics, there is no lock-in contracts, no scheme to keep your loyalty, just great service to keep you moving. Book your next service and experience the ease.

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