• A. Lababidi


Headlights become tarnished and worn as the age of the vehicle progresses. Once they are dull they create an old feel and look to the car, as well pose as a threat for poor light and can mean you will fail your next safety inspection (pink slip). Under Rules for Authorised Inspection Station, rule 106.5. Headlights must be visually inspected and may be rejected if; (a)headlight reflected is tarnished or peeling to the extent that headlight performance is impaired.

Pictured: Ford Falcon BF 2005 head light restoration saved owner $460.00

Headlights also affect the resale of vehicles. When buying a second hand car, like many things in life, first impressions last. Before even taking a look under the hood a buyer will judge how well maintained a vehicle is by the general appearance. Things like dents, scratches, interior seats and tyres. However sometimes we miss the obvious, you know the small things that leave a big impact. Your condition of your headlights gives off an instant feel or either old and worn or new and fresh.


  • Don't go buying new headlights if they are not actually broken or cracked.

  • No need to replace if they are dull and worn. Pulse mobile mechanics will simply restore your existing headlights while on site.

  • Across all makes a new head light can cost from $200 to $600 per light! Our mobile restoration when booked along with any service or repair is only $50.00 per headlight. SAVINGS OF UP TO $1100.00 PER PAIR

Having your headlights restored will instantly set your vehicle apart from others, gaining you extra money and a quicker sale when you plan to sell. And for those with no intention of selling, well … you will just enjoy your ride that bit more.

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