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Logbook Service - Time vs Kilometers

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Do I follow my kms or the service due date? The number one question asked by many.

ANSWER: This depends on which of the two has come first. Its not a choice as many mistakenly assume. Service parts and fluids have an expected life based on time but will wear sooner the more kms you drive.  For example Lets use the the same vehicle Ford Ranger. The service schedule is 15,000km or 1 year, which ever comes first.  SCENARIO 1: Fred drives to and from work as well as during work hours, he reaches 15,000 km within 4 months. That means Fred needs to book his service in at 4 months (not 12months) as he has driven 15,000 km since his last service. SCENARIO 2: Brett and  Jane have two vehicles, they generally drive the Ranger on weekends when transporting stock to sell at their local market. In 12 months they have driven only 7,000km. As the time frame of one year has passed they must book in for the next service.  Many people assume that if they drive less they can push the time for the next service, unfortunately this is not the case. Replaceable service parts are not built to last, over time they become brittle, bolts loosen, filters block, oil turns to sludge. What goes on inside your cars engine is a perfect synchrony of mechanics, each component relying on the next. Your manufacturer has set a guideline based on its engineers knowledge.

Not only is it foolish to not follow the creator of a machines recommendation (risking your safety) it can be costly with avoidable repairs, as well as void your warranty should you own a near new car. 

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