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OEM, Aftermarket and Genuine Parts - What's the difference?

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

You may have come across the term 'we use OEM parts'. Many consumers mistakingly associate OEM to be the same as Aftermarket parts, but there is a difference. Here's a break down of all three.

OEM - Stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Essentially a company makes and sells parts under its branding that has been manufactured for the original brand. Simply put its impossible for a brand to produce all car components and often purchase from numerous companies to build their finished product. These parts are used in the initial manufacturing stage and for future maintenance.

Did you know? On average over 30,000 parts are used to build a car

So why the price difference?

There are a few reasons OEM parts are cheaper than Genuine. Firstly the packaging, it is minimal with no fancy branding. Also, the company selling it is the manufacturer that often have an oversupply of the product and can sell for less as they cut the 'middle man' so to speak.

Genuine Parts

These are all the parts that came new in your car, as well as any parts purchased with the brand's logo. Some parts may have been manufactured by the company but remember many parts are outsourced purchased from companies (OEM parts) that specialise in different components.

Expect to pay a premium, which is not all bad as depending on the part there may be little difference in price and availability of certain parts may be easier sourced, as the manufacturer knows what parts are commonly replaced in their models.

After Market

Once a model car is released different companies can buy the rights to manufacture parts for that car. The parts are designed to perform the function just like OEM and genuine parts but there may be slight variations, these may even include improvements from the original design.

After Market parts will likely be your cheapest option.

When servicing and repairing your car its best to deal with an independent mechanic not associated with a dealership, as dealerships only offering will be genuine parts at a premium price.

At Pulse Mobile Mechanics we offer all three alternatives when available enabling you to make the best decision. Our experience across all makes and models in European cars has enabled us to become familiar with what parts are best, OEM and Genuine or when aftermarket is a reliable, cheaper choice.

Go with who knows, find out today how much you can save on your next service get a quote online now.

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