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Updated: May 9, 2019

The wait room, the drop off, there is an easier way

I just experienced the pain of dropping my car to a dealership service centre. Ive heard the rumours but had no idea just how time consuming it would be. Annoyed that our insurance repairer had corrupted the computer yet pleased I had a valid purpose to step into my biggest competitors centre and experience the service they provide.

I expected the need to plan my morning around dropping the car off and since it was just diagnostics at this point (to await insurance approval) I anticipated a generous 1hr wait, knowing our mechanics diagnose within 20min 90% of the time. The abrupt staff informed me it could take all day, 9:30 is just a drop off not an appointment time. So I went on to join the the jam packed wait room lucky to find a seat.

20min later a courtesy bus arrives, again packed! Everyone needs to be dropped off now. Im given 2 options for a pick time from the driver, both are after school time pick up, which serves me no purpose my daughter is still in a car seat. What would i have done if this was my only car, what do others do? They made no further effort to resolve my issue just a blunt "I cant get you then". The lady next to me is getting a log book service and they told her it will be ready at 3pm her pick up is for 2pm. 6hrs to wait just for a service! Over an hour spent waiting at the centre!

I don't understand how people have the time to do this. They seem unbothered by the nuisance of it all or are they simply unaware. As I reflect on our current customers I know they are businesses with full schedules and little time, savvy mums, and professionals. The wait room also reflected this, a few in suits with their laptops open, all eagerly watching the clock. Yet totally unavoidable, have they not heard of a mobile mechanic.

The Solution

  • Engage in the service of a mobile mechanic, we come direct to you. At your workplace, at home, or wherever really

  • There is no line up, you are priority

  • Time on site for a service is 1-2hrs

  • You don't even need to be there many customers leave keys and pay over the phone

  • Savvy time saving is just the beginning you will save in dealership high repair costs and deceiving service price promises

  • Meet and greet the mechanic that will work on your vehicle. No sales team to deal with

  • A translucent service you can trust

We all value time and there is no-one that wont value from our mobile service.

If you wish to gain back your day off or get uninterrupted work time make sure you arrange your service around your day, not the other way around.

Be sure to book your next service in the smart way.

the pain of dealership waiting rooms

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