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THE E10 DEBATE! Is it Really Better?

November 17, 2014

As the NSW government has mandated the eventual replacement of regular unleaded with E10, the option to use regular unleaded has become less of a choice for motorists. As a result our mobile mechanics are facing an increase in repairs related to the consumption of e10 fuel.

So lets take a quick look at the benefits of ethanol fuel

Its cheaper

Yes it’s true at the bowser you will pay a few cents less to the liter for e10 over regular unleaded and a lot less then premium. Though the savings simply don’t follow through. According to Drive, ethanol burns at higher rate therefore you require more fuel to travel the same distance, so its actually costing you more then regular unleaded. Whilst you still may be making a saving in comparison to premium fuel the savings may end up going to future fuel system related repairs.

Its better for the environment

Made from wheat and sugar ethanol can be considered as a renewable fuel potentially cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Well that’s the aim but the reality is the growing, harvesting, production and storage of ethanol is at a cost to the environment. Lets not forget that ethanol burns faster, so while it may produce 37% less exhaust emissions than regular unleaded, the same amount of emissions end up being released into our environment, to travel equal distance. What you may not know, according to RAA, the use of e10 produces an increase in non-regulated toxics: acetaldehyde (180%) and formaldehyde (25%) both cancer causing.

It wont damage your car

Well having first hand experience we can assure you that the use of e10 fuel can most certainly cause damage to you car. Below is a recent picture taken of an exhaust catalytic converter from a Suzuki Swift. The use of E10 eroded all the way through the wall leaving a hole. Now the purpose a catalytic converter is to filter emissions, instead the damage caused is actually emitting more emissions into the environment.

The real damage is most people don’t know if their vehicle is e10 compatible. Whilst the Suzuki Swift isn’t, our mechanics have still found issues with compatible vehicles such as the Mitsubishi Lancer where rock deposits were found in the spark plugs. Numerous fuel system related issues are becoming more common week to week. Our customers in general that have had issues, are experiencing less power and describe the drive as rough.

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Parts of the wall that had broken away
The damage in the exhaust catalytic converter of a Suzuki Swift

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