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  • A. Lababidi


Updated: Jun 2, 2020

The Beautiful and the Ugly

Our head mechanics favourite past time is working amongst the streets of Newtown, Surry Hills and Marrickville, being acquainted with the aromas of freshly roasted coffee beans. Making him all the more eager to perfect and finish his job so he can chase what he loves... a freshly brewed latte full cream with 1 sugar! How do you take yours?

May not be what you expect to hear but the truth is being a mobile mechanic comes with an embracing freedom. No one looking over your shoulder, no sales or up-sells, no set hours for a finish time or break.

If working in fresh air with the sun on your face sounds appealing you should read on. Being a mobile mechanic comes with some load, sure you need to be well experienced as you work solo, the job is a little more physical, and the traffic in Sydney can get irritating but the truth is there is an upside to all this.

Working on all makes of cars keeps it interesting pushing you to learn more each day, the people you work with are customers that show appreciation and depend on your knowledge, far more rewarding then a manager under pressure watching your every move. With less overheads for a mobile mechanic, performance is rewarded and our mechanics receive well above award wage.

A well earned break deserves a real coffee

Oh and the traffic … nothing a good You Tube mix wont help you through. After all you deserve a sit down break between jobs.

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