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Is your Service Due?

Maintain your vehicle the easy way. Our mobile service is direct to your door. We save you time  and keep you safe!


Turns out its a thing!

The action of avoiding to service your vehicle on time. 

After 30 years experience as a mechanic and coming to our 10th year in business we get why! 

1. TIMe

It simply moves to quick! Seems like only yesterday you had your last service right?

2. its a Hassle

Dropping off or waiting at a service centre requires planning, your time and generally disrupts your day off or work schedule.


Its driving fine I'll wait till I hear a noise or when it starts to feel rough. 

Top 3 Reasons for Delayed Servicing

photo of mobile mechanic checking engine oil

As Sydney's Trusted Mobile Mechanics

We offer a simple solution 

We call it... 



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local business awards winner


  • You choose the location

  • Remain productive at work or at home while your car gets professionally serviced.

  • You remain in control with all repairs and services performed onsite. Full quotations provided before any work commenced.

  • Contactless service

  • All mechanics have undergone Infection Control Training - Covid-19  set by the Australian Government Department of Health 

The fast, safe way to vehicle maintenance

Quality workmanship

  • All repairs and services backed by our 12 month or 20,000km guarantee

  • Genuine parts and quality after market parts available, you make the call.

  • Using top quality engine oils, preferred suppliers of Valvoline Australia

A well maintained vehicle ensures your safety


  • To operate mobile each technician must be licensed technicians.

  • Your new car warranty is maintained in accordance with Department of Fair Trading.

  • Master technicians competent working on all makes and models 

  • No sales middle man just knowledgable skilled workmanship

Peace of mind all work performed is of high standard

mobile mechanic fixing an engine

1Resale value is always higher when a logbook has been stamped on time by a reputable mechanic

2. Save $$$ on repairs. Many major repairs often start as minor repairs undetected as a result of skipped servicing. 

3. Own a near new vehicle? Don't let your new car warranty lapse make sure all services are carried out according to your logbook by a licensed mechanic. 

4. Save on fuel. A well maintained vehicle ensures the best results in fuel consumption 

5. For your safety and those that travel with you! Don't fall victim to brake failure or the 100 other things that could go wrong due to missed diagnostics.

6. Registration due and need a pink slip? Have the e-safety check (valid for 41 days) carried out with your service at the same time, save time and money.

7. Let's face it, you will sleep better knowing your car is safe to hit the road. Tick it off the to-do-list today! 


Reasons to service your car on time

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Book a mechanic direct to your door today

Receive instant confirmation

With easy online booking

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Matthew Galvez

Owner is such a top guy. Charged me a good price, found the solution to my problem instead of what I thought it was (which would have cost me a whole lot more)Saved me money and saved me from stress. 

Justin Liu

Friendly, quick and helpful in providing a logbook service and replacing worn items such as headlamps and tyres. Really impressed with the attention to detail such as replacing my car remote batteries as well. 

Ruth Semark

Friendly, professional and efficient service. Focus on what really needs doing, no bs and trying to sell you something more. So convenient too. Would definitely use again and highly recommend

see what people say


Do I follow my kms or the service due date? 

ANSWER: This depends on which of the two has come first. It's not a choice as many often assume. Service parts and fluids have an expected life based on time but will wear sooner the more kms you drive. 

FOR EXAMPLE Lets use the same vehicle Ford Ranger. The service schedule is 15,000km or 1 year, whichever comes first. 

SCENARIO 1: Fred drives to and from work as well as during work hours, he reaches 15,000 km within 4 months. That means Fred needs to book his service in at 4 months (not 12months) as he has driven 15,000 km since his last service.

SCENARIO 2: Brett and  Jane have two vehicles, they generally drive the Ranger on weekends when transporting stock to sell at their local market. In 12 months they have driven only 7,000km. As the time frame of one year has passed they must book in for the next service. 

Many people assume that if they drive less they can push the time for the next service, unfortunately, this is not the case. Replaceable service parts are not built to last, over time they become brittle, bolts loosen, filters block, the oil turns to sludge. What goes on inside the engine of your car is perfect synchrony of mechanics, each component relying on the next. Your manufacturer has set a guideline based on its engineer's knowledge. Not only is it foolish to not follow the creator of a machines recommendation (risking your safety) it can be costly with avoidable repairs, as well as void your warranty should you own a near new car. 

A man who procrastinates  in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance

Hunter S. Thompson


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