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  • A. Lababidi

7 Reasons to service your car on time

In our 10 years of operation we have come to realise there's 2 types of people when it comes to servicing. I guess you can compare it to filling your petrol. Theres the right on time person that would panic if that needle dropped below the half way mark. Then theres the I know my car person, she'll be right!

Turns out machines (your car) require maintenance on time! Still need convincing, read on for the many reasons to service on time...

1.Resale value is always higher when a logbook has been stamped on time by a reputable mechanic 2. Save $$$ on repairs. Many major repairs often start off as minor repairs undetected as a result of skipped servicing.  3. Own a near new vehicle? Don't let your new car warranty lapse make sure all services are carried out according to your logbook by a licensed mechanic.  4. Save on fuel. A well maintained vehicle ensures best results in fuel consumption 

5. For your safety and those that travel with you! Don't fall victim to brake failure or the 100 other things that could go wrong due to missed diagnostics. 6. Registration due and need a pink slip? Have the e-safety check (valid for 41 days) carried out with your service at the same time, save time and money. 7. Lets face it, you will sleep better knowing your car is safe to hit the road. Tick it off the to-do-list today! 

At pulse mobile mechanics our direct service will save you time! Click here to see how we remove the hassle out of maintenance.

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