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Is the Mobile Mechanic Superseding the Traditional Workshop

Updated: May 7, 2019

With todays busy lifestyle we all look for more efficient ways to do what we do faster easier and better.

So Who Is Using Mobile Mechanics

Whilst some may think the local mobile mechanic is who to call on when in a sticky roadside break down, more and more are opting for the hassle free service in their home or workplace

  • The working professional

  • The mum with 101 things on her list

  • The small business with 3 work utes

  • To the large company with a fleet of vehicles

  • Even the retired couple relaxing at home over the weekend

Well just anybody anywhere is choosing to opt for a mobile mechanic to come to them.

So Why the Mobile Mechanic

Or should the question be why not

  • It’s a lot quicker; there aren’t 3 plus cars in front of yours

  • You save time by eliminating drop off and pick up at a workshop, able to continue with your day

  • Any type of service can be performed on site as well as new car Log Book Servicing without voiding your warranty

  • All repairs can also be performed on site; only very few need to be taken to our workshop, a service provided by us.

  • Watch the performance of our mechanics at work should you wish

At Pulse Mobile Mechanics we understand the needs of our customers. They want an honest service, a fair price, to save time and quality workmanship.

So how do you prefer to service or repair your car? Drive to a service workshop and wait, or have a mobile mechanic come to you so you can continue on with your busy schedule.

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