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When and Why, You Need a 6-Month Registration Renewal

We see the same thing each year, a sudden rush call after call from motorists desperately trying to secure a booking. It's not for a service or repairs; it's for a safety check inspection (pink slip) required to register their vehicle.

What's The Issue?

The time of year your registration falls due, and the age of your vehicle plays a huge part. Many people are caught by surprise as their once new car suddenly 'requires inspection'. The timing is the main problem. If your registration renewal is due between mid-December and mid-January, you'll find most workshops are closed or booked to capacity. A time when your car is most needed, and summer getaways are suddenly compromised.

What Can you Do About It?

  • Renew your registration for six months, changing the next due date. Then resume yearly registration, ensuring you fall due in June/July, the quieter period for most mechanics.

  • Think ahead and prepare - Check the age of your vehicle as once it's five years old, it will require an inspection yearly.

  • Carry out your service and pink slip earlier as NSW safety check reports are valid for six months, excluding public passenger vehicles.

In short, having your rego due on the 30th of December equates to stress and difficulty arranging a pink slip. Ten days before or after is equally as tricky. Our mobile service makes vehicle maintenance close to effortless; booking ahead of time ensures you won't miss out.

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