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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

All too often we hear the after pains of customers left disgruntled from a recent car purchase. Its an uncomfortable feeling, first to take a leap of faith on a used car and then to wait in hope that one of your most expensive purchases holds up to serve its purpose and not turn into a lemon. Linda, from Ingleburn a recent customer can unfortunately relate. She bought a Ford Fairmont, known as a reliable family car, yet to her dismay barely made the drive home.

The following day Linda booked in for our mobile service as the car would not start leaving her stuck. In hope of a small issue the situation proved itself to be an expensive decision gone wrong. The alternator was not charging leaving a dead battery and the drive belt shredded. What more could go wrong once these repairs were carried out was the bigger question. The unknown history and unforeseeable future of a poorly maintained car.

Whilst maintenance of any vehicle will come with age and such repairs may be required, one must safeguard themselves. Before any purchase we advise a full mechanical inspection, immediate repairs such as these would be easily detected. Enabling your decision to purchase at a fairer negotiated price or the choice to simply walk away.

Lucky for Linda with the assistance of our mechanic the situation panned out for the best. She was able to return the vehicle and receive a full refund.

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