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 Pink Slip 


Say goodbye to asking, “where can I get a pink slip near me?”

Say goodbye to driving your vehicle to an Authorised Safety Check Station and wasting half your day without a car. As part of our mobile mechanic pink slip service, we will perform a pre-safety check of your vehicle, ensuring that it meets the expectations set by the government.

Our experienced mechanics have worked on countless makes and models of cars, so we are able to assess the safety of your car quickly and without compromising on quality. And if there are any concerns, we know exactly what you need to make your car safe. Any required work can be performed and completed on site, before your vehicle is driven to our many partners stationed all over Sydney. Our partners perform the final safety check and issue a safety check certificate, more commonly known as a pink slip.

Once this is complete, along with your payment of a green slip, you are able to complete your registration online with the RTA. With our mobile pink slip solutions, there is no need to leave the office or home - it’s just so easy.

Book your mobile pink slip service today!

Make Pulse Mobile Mechanics your go to when you need a pink slip and don’t have time to waste!

Contact us now on 02 8731 5010 to find out more about this convenient service, as well as other solutions such as major servicing, fleet servicing and more.

mobile car service in sydney

From Log Book Servicing, to major services we have the tools and expertise to service your vehicle at your home or workplace. We stamp your logbook keeping your new car warranty valid.

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From suspension and brakes to batteries, engines, gear boxes and timing belts, a mobile mechanic from our team can repair any automotive issue on site. no job is too big or small.


For businesses with a number of vehicles we offer convenience and flexible payment options. Direct to your work place for all log book servicing and repairs

safety inspection and pink slip in sydney


Don't get stuck with a lemon! Book now for a full mechanical inspection report on your next car purchase



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