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we are authorised repairers that will not void your new car warranty


Performing this service on time is a crucial factor in maintaining your car to:


  • Ensure your safety and of those that travel with you​​

  • Maintain manufacture/dealership warranty​

  • Get the best performance of your vehicle

If your car is under 10years old its best to follow your logbook which at different intervals will include both minor and major services as well as additional repairs. A logbook service is a specified guide tailored to the make and model of the vehicle set by the manufacture. Any licensed mechanic can perform the service to maintain new car warranty as long as the logbook is followed and stamped as a record of completion. At Pulse Mobile Mechanics we use manufacturer recommended genuine parts and fluids to ensure your warranty is maintained. 

Pulse Mobile Mechanics take the hassle out of keeping up with your new car’s requirements. We will come to you when and where most convenient to you. A reminder notice will be scheduled so you can rest assured your service history will be maintained on time every time, stamped as a record, by Pulse Mobile Mechanics.


There is a misconception that unless your vehicle is serviced by the manufacturer your new car warranty may become void. To set the record straight the following has been taken from the NSW Fair Trading Website.

        ‘If the vehicle is still under warranty and you don’t have it serviced to the  manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, you may void your warranty. As long as the service is carried  out in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, any licensed repairer can do it, not just the dealer from whom you purchased the vehicle’.​

Read the PDF for full details

Book a log book service in Sydney now with our fully qualified mechanics; the only thing you will void is dealerships high prices and unnecessary extras!
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