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Premium Service in Sydney 

premium service


A premium service should be performed every 45,000km or if your last service was more then 24 months ago. ​​​You may experience poor performance in your vehicle if its due for a major service such as difficulty in starting or it doesn’t start at all, poor fuel economy, sluggish to drive feels like it has no power, stalling or the engine overturns, running rough or missing.​​



Replace engine oil
Replace oil filter
Lubrication of all grease points
Under bonnet fluids are topped up if required
Replace non-platinum spark plugs
Replace external fuel filter
Replace air filter
Engine management diagnostics scan
Fault code analysis 

Brake system flush 

Coolant system flush 


Battery and charging systems
Cooling system and radiator
Cap, hoses, belts and clamps
Wiper blades
Brakes and hand brake
Front and rear suspension
Exhaust and steering components
Transmission and differential


A road test is performed to ensure any other problems are detected and that all work performed was carried out at a high standard.

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